Forbes has published the top most valuable brands in the world

Forbes опубликовал топ самых дорогих брендов мира

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Forbes ranked the most valuable brands in the world

First in the ranking are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. The cost of the most expensive brands amounted to us $2.54 trillion.

Forbes magazine ranked the most valuable brands in the world. Top published on Wednesday, July 29.

Like last year the first places settled accordingly brands Apple is worth $241,2 billion, Google ($207,5 billion), Microsoft ($162,9 billion), Amazon ($135,4 billion) and Facebook (USD 70.3 billion). Then there are Coca-Cola, Disney, Samsung, Louis Vuitton and McDonald’s.

In 2019 in the top ten included Toyota, but this year, losing 7% of the cost, it took only 11th place. Louis Vuitton were not part of the ten most valuable brands rose by 20%, thus finishing in ninth place.

Note that, of the ten only Facebook and Samsung price lost 21% and 5% respectively, other brands become more expensive. At the same time, Netflix showed over the year the largest increase of 72%, is located on the 26th place. In the cost of significantly increased Chanel (an increase of 42%), Amazon (40%), Microsoft (30%), Paypal (24%).

Finally, the total cost of the 100 most valuable brands amounted to us $2.54 trillion. More than 50 of them belong to American companies, 10 brands from Germany, nine from France, Japan and Switzerland have six and five respectively. The most represented in the list of brand technology companies in the list 20. 14 brands owned by companies in the financial services, 11 automobile sector, eight sales.

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