Ford and Tory will announce a strategy against armed violence (PHOTO)


Форд и Тори объявят о стратегии противодействия вооруженному насилию  (ФОТО)

Premier Doug Ford and mayor John Tory will make a statement today on measures against firearms and organized crime in connection with the increase of armed violence in 2019.

The announcement will be made at 9 am at the police College in Etobicoke Toronto.

Just this week the city recorded three cases of use of firearms resulting in death, including murder in the brazen daytime Paolo Caputo on the sidewalk outside his restaurant on Roncesvalles Avenue on August 16.

Currently in 2019 in Toronto, there are 412 people injured by firearms in the course of 274 cases of armed violence.

Both figures represent the maximum values for 5 years for the period from the beginning of the year.

Earlier this month all three levels of government allocated 4.5 million dollars to fight the use of firearms and organized crime in Toronto.

The money will be used to implement an 11-week plan called “Project Community Space” within which it is expected to increase staff to patrol priority areas of the city under the command of the combined task force anti-firearms and organized crime.