Ford congratulated Trudeau on his election victory (PHOTO)

Форд поздравил Трюдо с победой на выборах (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford said that he is willing to work with the newly re-elected liberal government.

On Tuesday morning, Ford issued a statement in which he congratulated the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his victory and paid tribute to the fighting capacity of all the Federal leaders for holding a “heavy campaign”

He said that he hoped to work closely with Ottawa in matters within the scope of “common priorities”, including infrastructure, internal trade and the mental health of the nation.

He also praised the willingness Trudeau to assist in the financing planned by the government of the province of the project metro line “Ontario Online”, whose main task is the transport system of Toronto.

In a statement, Ford is clearly a conciliatory tone, especially given how the Premier of Ontario was the target of liberal criticism throughout the campaign.

Trudeau has repeatedly referred to the name and political decisions Ford, warning about the potential consequences of the victory of the conservatives in the election.