Ford decided to make a little money on the desire of the Western provinces to separate (PHOTOS)

Форд решил сделать немного денег на желании западных провинций отделиться  (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford uses growing threat to the separation of Western Canada to raise money for his own party, claiming that his progressive conservative government will play an “important role” in uniting the country.

In the letter to collect funds sent by supporters of the party on Monday, Ford said that he had “never seen a country so divided” and stated that provinces have “to compete with other countries, not each other.”

“(AB) pays to the government, which imposes a huge carbon tax that brings the province’s income, and trying to destroy its energy industry,” said Ford in an email.

“The same goes for Saskatchewan. Perhaps they will not feel the loss?”

Ford has made a proposal to organize a two-dollar fundraiser at a time when the concept of Wexit, a combination of the words “western exit”, that is “West gate”, is gradually taking root in Alberta and Saskatchewan after the Federal election, which the liberal party Justin Trudeau was actually expelled from these two provinces.

Last weekend, about 700 people took part in a rally in Edmonton, organized by the group “Wexit Alberta”, which announced Monday the submission of documents to the electoral Commission of Canada with a request to register it as an official Federal party.

Ford in his email fundraising reported that he can use his relationship with the Prime Minister, Alberta’s Jason Kenney and the Prime Minister of Saskatchewan Scott Mo, to help overcome the divergence of views and to unite the country.

“The premiere of my good friends. In the West, and in Quebec, too, wrote Ford. If Trudeau will not make correct conclusions, then what is now is not very good, will be very bad.”

“We have to care about the whole country and not only about ourselves,” writes Ford.

In addition, the letter provides a link with a request for a donation in the amount of two dollars.