Ford does not want to argue with Trudeau, but with the carbon tax refusing to put up (PHOTO)

Форд не хочет ругаться с Трюдо, но с налогом на углерод мириться отказывается (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford said that he is ready to forget the unpleasant moments of the Federal election campaign, when Justin Trudeau scared everyone his name and is ready to cooperate with the Federal liberals on various issues… except for a Federal carbon tax.

Speaking in the Studio CP24 on Thursday, Ford said that he decided that he would not participate in Federal election campaign.

“I talked to Andrew (Shear) at the beginning, making it clear that you can’t intervene. I’m busy trying to fix the mess we inherited,” said Ford.

“He never asked me to stay away.”

Time and again, liberal leader Justin Trudeau denounced the Ford, when campaigned in Ontario, constantly claiming that his conservative opponents will also reduce funding for various services, as well as Ford.

But when Ford and Trudeau said Tuesday, according to Ford, he realized that “it would be right” not to respond to the continuing criticism.

“Policy is now finished, if I understand correctly; people expect us to cooperate,” he said on a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister.

He said that the Federal liberal commitment to help with the construction of a branch Line Ontario in Toronto demonstrates that the two governments can get along, despite the controversy during the campaign.

On Monday, the Federal liberals won in Ontario 79 seats out of 121.

He suggested that such a result means that in the province there are a lot of voters who voted for Trudeau and the PC party of Ontario.

“I have long been in politics. They can say what they want, but in the end a huge number of people who voted for me, voted for him,” said Ford.

But one of the areas where intergovernmental struggle will continue, is a Federal tax on carbon.

Ford has allocated $30 million to challenge in court the constitutionality of a Federal tax on carbon emissions. He also ordered that every fuel station in the province posted a sticker indicating the cost of the carbon tax adds to the price of gasoline, without mentioning the compensation of discounts that most Ontarians will receive in its tax return.

The Ontario government lost its first court action for the carbon tax in June, but wants to refer the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“We are against taxation of the population, we to get the money back in their pockets. People don’t want to pay $1,60 per liter at gas stations, as is happening in Vancouver.”

According to Statistics Canada, the average retail price per liter of regular unleaded gasoline in Toronto for the last five months, and that’s how much time is in effect the carbon tax, was $ 1,21.

At least one of the conservative colleagues of Ford, Premier of new Brunswick, blaine Higgs, it seems, came from opposition to the Federal tax on carbon after the election on Monday.

The province entered into a new employment agreement with support staff schools, but are still negotiating with the unions representing primary school teachers and teachers in Catholic and government secondary schools.

Ford said education Minister Steven Lecce “did a great job” but refused to comment on negotiations, saying instead that it is necessary to improve academic performance in mathematics.

“I love teachers, and I differentiate between the profession and the Union. I support the teachers, they do a great job. I don’t necessarily agree with their Union.”