Foreign Minister: Estonia refuses to let Russian ships and aircraft (PHOTO)

МИД РФ: Эстония отказывается пропускать российские корабли и самолеты (ФОТО)

The Russian foreign Ministry expressed “extreme bewilderment” in relation to the actions of Estonia, whose leadership refused to allow Russian vessel “Academician Primakov” the entry into the territorial waters of Estonia. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the words which leads RIA “Novosti”.

According to Zakharova, the decision of Tallinn “causes perplexity”, as this year’s “Academician Primakov” has twice received the necessary permission from the Estonian side. “This time has refused, without giving reasons,” – said Zakharov.

According to the MFA, this is the third case of Tallinn refuses to let Russian planes and ships. So, in the beginning of October Tallinn banned the plane with the Russian Vice Prime Minister on Board to fly over the territory of Estonia: the name of the Chairman of Zakharova said. In April, the Tallinn’t miss your water Russian training ship “Sedov”. Sailfish have made a planned call to Estonia was supposed to be there on April 13-14.

The decision not to let “Sedov” local diplomats explained by the fact that on Board were cadets of the Kerch state Maritime technological University, which is located in Crimea. The Estonian authorities considered that the admission of the vessel would be contrary to the policy of non-recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. For this reason, in its territorial waters sailboat then didn’t miss Poland.

“Fix these unfriendly demarches. We will take them into account when establishing bilateral relations with Estonia,” – concluded the official representative of the foreign Ministry.