Foreigners applying for a high salary in the United States, are denied work visas

What salary you can get in the US working visa H-1B? Theoretically there is no limit. However, as the US government tightens immigration, there are some indications that professionals applying for a workplace with a high salary, it will be harder to get a job or extend your stay in USA with visa H-1B, writes the EFC.

Иностранцам, претендующим на высокую зарплату в США, отказывают в рабочих визах

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Publicly available information about applications for H-1B visa indicates that Google, Facebook and Amazon in recent months has refused to renew visas for employees in high-paying positions. Deutsche Bank, however, managed to conceal the high salaries from public access.

Refusing requests for the extension of visas for staff Google included applications for software engineer and business analyst with a salary of $ 1.3 million in Menlo Park, California. Visas had to be opened in July 2020. Employee in mountain view with a salary of 985 thousand dollars has also recently refused a visa.

Was rejected the application for an H-1B visa for a software engineer at Facebook with an income of $ 2 million — visa was supposed to open in February 2020. And Amazon operating engineer from Seattle with a salary of 840 thousand dollars was refused a visa extension.

Refusal to issue or renew the H-1B is not unusual. Last year, Google received about 60 rejections, and Amazon is about 35. However, the majority of failures in 2019 has touched the Junior staff generally argue that the senior employee has special knowledge that merit the issuance or renewal of visas. Failures 2020 suggest that this may no longer be so.

Although some of the highest paying offers on the H-1B is rejected, there are indications that others still are. For example, Deutsche Bank recently approved a statement on the appointment of managing Director in new York at a salary of $ 1.8 million (since August). In Facebook is a software engineer with a salary of 1.9 million dollars. And Amazon is program Manager level III in Seattle, who earns $ 1.3 million. These professionals are likely to receive payment for shares.


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