Foreigners keep in Ukraine billions of cubic meters of gas

Иностранцы хранят в Украине миллиарды кубов газа

Stocks record, not all the gas belongs to Ukraine

A quarter of gas in storage in Ukraine belongs to foreigners. Due to this, the gas reserves by 40% higher than the previous year.

Foreign companies are kept in Ukrainian storage facilities with 5.2 billion cubic meters of gas, reports the press service of Ukrtransgaz on Wednesday, August 5.

“At the beginning of August, the total natural gas reserves stood at 22 billion cubic meters, the highest for this period over the years of independent Ukraine. In this case a non-resident company store in Ukraine 5.2 billion cubic meters of gas — nearly four times more than last year”, — stated in the message.

For seven months of current year the volume of gas injection increased by 5% and amounted to 9.7 billion cubic meters Of them residents pumped 5.6 billion cubic meters of gas, compared with the previous year is less than 43%.

The company stressed that the decrease in the level of gas injection domestic companies kompensiruet significant increase in injection from non-residents.

It is expected that this year at the end of the injection season gas reserves reached a record of 25.5-26.5 billion cubic meters.