Forest fires: nearly 600 homes evacuated in British Columbia

Forest fires: nearly 600 homes evacuated in British Columbia


A total of 547 residences had to be evacuated in the community of Olalla, British Columbia, due to a now “out of control” wildfire, reported CTV News.< /strong>

The fire, whose origin is unknown, continues to spread over 5903 hectares, affecting residents of the community of Olalla, a community located just north of Keremeos.

Sandy Diaz, a resident of the area, was evacuated on Friday, expecting to return home by evening. However, she had to spend the night outside, leaving her husband suffering from dementia alone at home. “I'm here waiting for my license. Imagine? A permit to go home!” lamented the woman, who was tired of waiting. She decided to return to her residence without a permit, with special permission to take care of her husband. She remains worried, however, and she is not the only one.

Kudrat Mundi owns a small fruit stall in the area. For her, it is the closure of Highway 3A that is hurting her business.

“It's worrying. Business has slowed dramatically. In fact, it's scary how quiet it is these days. We're going to lose a lot of fruit if we can't continue to sell it,” said the trader.

She also specifies that of her 18 employees, all of them are prepared to evacuate if they receive any. order.

Firefighters hard at work

According to BC Wildfire, 426 firefighters are fighting tirelessly to contain the violent fire, supported by 15 helicopters and 42 pieces of heavy equipment.

“Crews work hard, but it's hard to get crews and machines in,” said Constable Taylor Shantz of the BC Wildfire Service, adding that the wind has not picked up to fan the flames.

544 forest fires have been observed in British Columbia since the beginning of the year, 57 of which are still active. Remember that a serious fire still continues to rage near Lytton, a year after the town was destroyed by the flames.