Forest mushrooms bring undoubted benefits for health

Wild mushrooms, especially mushrooms, as they are called in the people, bring benefit to human health.

Лесные опята приносят несомненную пользу для здоровья

First, they make you get up and go or to go to the forest, where pure air and plenty of space to walk, which is very useful for a person.

And secondly, this is the best source of proteins and vitamins. Another benefit of honey that are low in calories. These mushrooms are perfect for roasting and canning for the winter. They like to eat people “hooked” on different diets.

Actually honey there are different scientific names. They belong to the families finalarray, streparava, tricholomic and other groups of fungi. As I said about mushrooms mycologist from Thomas Wolf’s “the curse of modern taxonomy”.

Mushrooms grow mostly in damp forests. Their favourite place of growth – rotten stumps.

Note that this year in Primorski Krai has passed a large amount of rainfall (cyclones and typhoons), so the honey in the woods you can find not only rotting stumps. They are growing, literally, under our feet.

Experts say that honey can be collected from the end of August and October.

Positive effect of honey on body is that they do not require lengthy thermal treatment. They are used as a laxative, and just because they’re tasty.

The positive side of mushrooms is the presence of vitamin B3 (PP). This vitamin improves the secretion of bile and gastric juices. Also, honey is full of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Present in them and more vitamins such as B6 and B9, as well as potassium and magnesium.

Despite the benefits of honey, there are contraindications. You can’t eat for people with problems in the digestive system, renal insufficiency, pregnant women and hypertensive patients.