Forestry: Québec solidaire open to harvesting more wood

Forestry: Québec solidaire open to harvesting more wood< /p> UPDATE DAY

CHIBOUGAMAU | A united government could increase the volumes of wood taken from Quebec forests in order to encourage construction with this material, the production of which emits fewer GHGs.  

“There is no opposition in principle to Québec solidaire. The important thing is that it be done in respect of Quebec's climate obligations, in respect of the ecosystems and communities that inhabit the territory, “said the spokesperson for Quebec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, on the sidelines of the meeting. announcement in Chibougamau.  

A few minutes earlier, the solidarity caravan had gone to visit the Chantiers Chibougamau plant, which specializes in wood processing.  

Québec solidaire has been proposing for years to promote softwood lumber in non-residential construction. This material emits less greenhouse gases than steel or cement during its production, in addition to capturing the carbon that would be released by letting the trees biodegrade.  

However, the party also promises to protect 30% of Quebec's territory and its ecological diversity by 2030.  

To successfully achieve these two objectives in parallel , Mr. Nadeau-Dubois affirms that the wood harvested in Quebec should be used here as a priority, rather than intended for export.  

“Using more Quebec wood in Quebec is possible and the first step is to better value and better use what we already cut. If we have to cut more, we are not closed to that, but it will have to be done with respect for the ecosystems and the different communities, ”says the QS spokesperson.  

More details will follow…