Forget about wrinkles forever fish oil dealing around…(I am 57,and I decided to do with happiness)

Позабудь о морщинах навек рыбий жир нанося вокруг…(Мне 57,и я порю от счастья)

All of our experience, life experiences, any events that have occurred in the life – all this does not go unnoticed.

Our entire experience is on our face in form of wrinkles. Such is the inevitable fate of us all. Men are not too worried about it, but for many women, almost every wrinkle is most unpleasant.

We all want as much as possible to stay attractive and look younger than my age, but wrinkles often give the true age of the woman, and sometimes even add years. Our laughter, tears, hard work – all this found its mark on her face.

However, choosing a good remedy for wrinkles, you can relax and accept the compliments from others.

We suggest you use a few simple recipes of masks that can make your face become more fresh, rested and youthful appearance.

Not everyone knows this, but one of the best means from wrinkles is considered a fish oil containing vitamins a and

E – they contribute to the regeneration of the skin, restoring its elasticity and smoothness.

Recipes masks for face:

1. Began to fight with fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation? Mix fish oil with the cream (you can substitute sour cream) and lemon juice – enough of each ingredient in one spoonful. Means should be applied for about 25-30 minutes, then carefully remove the moist cotton pad. Rinse off the mask chamomile broth.

2. If your purpose is to fight deep wrinkles, use a mask of honey and fish oil. Take one teaspoon of each ingredient, mix thoroughly with them. Evenly, lightly apply the mask on the skin.

Rinse off after half an hour. Applying this mask twice a week, you will quickly see positive results.

Want to smooth out the skin around the eyes – apply fish oil in its pure form. According to dermatologists, especially useful to do just before bedtime. The mask is sufficient to hold the skin for 20 minutes, then remove to a damp cotton pad. At night do not leave if you do not want to swelling. If you want to intensify the effect, it is better to use the fat is not only external – it is sold in capsules which you can easily eat inside.

If you do not suffer from intolerance to any component of fish oil, these beauty recipes will be perfect for you – no reason to refuse them.

Moreover, we note that by using fish oil you can easily get rid of rashes on the skin and prevent the appearance of excess weight. This product is really incredibly useful, and if before many could not use it because of the peculiar taste, the production of fish oil in capsules have solved this problem.