Forget the excesses of the pandemic? Never !

Forget the excesses of the pandemic? Never!


In an article that raises passions, Emily Oster, a professor from Brow University, calls for a “pandemic amnesty” in order to forgive everything that has been done and said for almost three years. She acknowledges the abuses committed by lockdown zealots and restriction zealots, but “we didn't know,” she says.


If ignorance can be pleaded for the first three months, it takes nerve to invoke it for years. And as claiming amnesty is also claiming amnesia, it takes a lot of audacity to demand that a clean slate be made and that everything be forgotten.

Sorry, but we don't erase the slate so easily!

Since March 2020, the measures have been linked: confinements, social distancing, curfew, ban on gatherings, closure of shops, ban on interregional travel, checkpoints, closure of schools, wearing of masks, vaccination passport, ostracism at school. regard to the non-vaccinated, incitement to denunciation. And how can we forget the slaughter of the CHSLDs, the people who died in solitude, the burials in indignity and the torn families? As for the inflation that impoverishes us more every day, it results from the political decisions taken during the pandemic.

A veritable civil health war has taken place. And the human and economic consequences are extremely serious.


So, no, we are not casually closing a tragic chapter in our history . And the idea of ​​an amnesty is abject.

On the contrary, we must demand a surgical analysis of the management of the pandemic. It takes a deep reflection to go in search of the truth and raise our level of consciousness. There must also be a certain degree of accountability. Because the fear of a virus, even an unknown one, should never mow down our humanity and our elementary common sense. Above all, it should not offer unshakeable immunity to those whose decisions affect entire populations.

Forgive? Most often is “possibly. To forget ? Never!

Forget the excesses of the pandemic? Never!