Former anti-vaccine lawyer struck off for eight years

Ex-vaccine lawyer disbarred for eight years


Former anti-vaccine lawyer Gloriane Blais will no longer be able to practice her profession for the next eight years after insinuating that a judge had fabricated the evidence in one of her files.  

“The writing of his dissertation is a disgrace to the profession”, mentioned the Disciplinary Council of the Bar in its decision. 

Former lawyer Gloriane Blais had, in an application for leave to appeal in March 2021, questioned the bias of Justice Martin Bureau of the Superior Court, citing her “intellectual and above all emotional incapacity”.

< p>She also questioned the bias of the man who in November 2020 dismissed the $35 million lawsuit brought by one of his clients against Investissement Québec.

“The trial judge 'had to' itself create evidence that has never been part of the evidence,” Ms. Blais wrote in particular.

On her “JUDICIAL CORRUPTION” Facebook page, followed by 15,000 people, she continued her crusade against Judge Bureau, calling him “fraudulent”.

Gloriane Blais became known for her legal opinions controversy over vaccination and for his participation in demonstrations against health measures. 

Serious case

According to the syndic of the Barreau du Québec, he is “rare to come across a case that discredits the authority of the courts to such an extent”.

He asserts that Gloriane Blais is “incapable of introspection and self-criticism” and that she has an “attitude bellicose”. 

The Disciplinary Council agreed with the Syndic, stating that “the seriousness of his behavior […] exceeds all other cases in similar matters”.

Ms. Blais, whose “conduct is very disturbing”, “undermines to the highest degree the public's confidence in the courts”, can we read in the decision rendered on September 14 last member.