Former lover Zavorotnyuk has recanted

Бывший любовник Заворотнюк отказался от своих слов

Russian actor Sergey Zhigunov, who is famous for his romance with actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, refused the alleged words attributed to him about the health of cancer-fighting star of “My fair nanny”.

This was reported by “TV Center”.

Бывший любовник Заворотнюк отказался от своих слов

The actor said he did not have reliable information about his colleague and former mistress. According to him, they haven’t talked, so it is not a priori know what is going on in her life.

“I have no information about it. And can not be. We have not communicated, and I don’t know what’s going on in her life lately”, — quotes the words of Sergei channel.

“Perhaps Sergei valid did not give any comments, but it is also possible that he simply decided to disown his statement, knowing that the family Zavorotnyuk doesn’t want anyone discussing the illness of the actress” — makes the assumption the website “”.

We will remind, earlier Sergey was allegedly told that the car crash left the hospital gossip.

Бывший любовник Заворотнюк отказался от своих слов

“There were those who learned and started to tell different stories. Here’s another reason why the AnastasiI left the hospital. It is simply not allowed to be treated normally”, — quoted his words to the media.

As you know, the Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov met on the set of the TV series “My fair nanny”. Both got leading roles they played lovers hiding their feelings. At some point between the stars is really a moment, began a whirlwind romance. The emotions were so strong that the artists had left their families behind. That’s just sharing the happiness them to build and failed. After a couple of years Sergey and Anastasia broke, putting on a bullet.

As previously reported “FACTS” undergoing treatment at the medical center in Moscow, actress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was experiencing until recently, the problems not only with health, but with finances. Fortunately, the latter recently successfully resolved — it paid the full amount of the loan and now can, if necessary, to leave for treatment abroad.

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