Former ‘people’s mayor’ of Gorlovka confessed to spying for the Ukrainian investigation (PHOTO)

Бывший 'народный мэр' Горловки признался в шпионаже в пользу украинской разведки (ФОТО)

The former “people’s mayor” of Gorlovka in the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Eduard matucha stated that an employee of the Main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. He reported about it on air of TV channel “TSN”, the video of which is posted on YouTube.

According to Matyuhi, over the last five years he was “in the occupation, where he was involved in provocations,” and also contributed to the emergence of conflict between the militia groups. In addition, he learned that humanitarian convoys Russia was carrying money. Macuha explained that his mission was not known even a spouse, which after the outbreak of the conflict went to Kiev.

As reported in the story, the representative of the Gur Vadim Skibitsky, matucha supplied to the Ukrainian side “has a lot of information.” Subsequently, the Ukrainian special services managed to get him out of the DNI. Deputy National Council DND Vladislav berdichevskiy said in Facebook that matucha spent “people’s mayor” for three days, and called it “a pea clown” who had access to state secrets. According to him, all the harm that matucha allegedly caused the DNI, was stealing and selling supplied as humanitarian aid-flour, “until he was given the legs”. “What country – such and the scouts,” concluded Berdichevsky.

Edward Mutuku elected “people’s mayor” of Gorlovka in may 2014, however soon matucha left the position because of the conflict between the separatists, incitement to which according to him, was his mission from the Ukrainian intelligence. Matucha later became the first Secretary of city Committee “Communist party” of the DNI. Shortly thereafter, the SBU detained in Berdyansk “people’s mayor” of Gorlovka Vladimir Kolosnyuka, accusing him in the procurement of heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, machine guns and explosives in the amount of 2 million hryvnia. During the arrest the suspect resisted.