Former player of the Spanish team scored a goal in the Cup final UAE already in 6 seconds (video)

Экс-игрок сборной Испании забил гол в финале Кубка ОАЭ уже на 6-й секунде (видео)

Alvaro Negredo

Spanish striker Alvaro Negredo scored rapid’s goal in the Cup final UAE.

His club “al Nasr” beat “Shabab al-Ahli” with the account 2:1 and won the trophy.

Negredo played the ball in midfield with his partner and immediately ran towards the goal.

Getting the ball in the penalty area “Shabab al-Ahly”, the ex-player national team of Spain beat two defenders and sent a ball between feet to the goalkeeper.

It is noteworthy that the attack was so instant that even the Director of the broadcast was not ready for this development and showed a view of the stadium from above.

34-year-old Negredo is known for his performances for real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Manchester city.

To finish his career, Alvaro decided in the UAE.