Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Jovanovic made in Congress: went to Trump and Lutsenko

Экс-посол США в Украине Йованович выступила в Конгрессе: досталось Трампу и Луценко

Ex-US Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch, who gave testimony concerning the “Ukraineitar”, during his speech at the hearings in the U.S. Congress have denied the charges against her lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani and former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko.

Jovanovic noted that its opinion from the post was due to pressure President Donald trump on the U.S. state Department, reports The Washington Post

“Regarding the events during my stay in Ukraine, I categorically declare that I never for themselves or for others, directly or indirectly, or in any other way not asked any government or government official in Ukraine (or elsewhere) to refrain from investigation or prosecution of actual corruption. As Mr. Lutsenko, a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine has recently recognized, mention of the fact that I have created or distributed a list of “nepriklausomyb” is completely false. This is the story, of which he Mr. Lutsenko since retreated. Against mayor Giuliani, I only had minimal contact with him — in General three I remember. One is not associated with the controversial event. I don’t know the motives of Mr. Giuliani about the attack on me. But the people who were named in the press as associated with Mr. Giuliani may have believed that their personal financial ambitions were suppressed by our anti-corruption policy in Ukraine”, — quotes Jovanovic “UKRINFORM”.

Marie Yovanovitch said at a hearing in the House of representatives that the President of the United States Donald trump personally demanded her dismissal from the U.S. state Department “launched a campaign” against her.

According to her, after she abruptly ordered to leave Ukraine “on the next plane,” she met with Deputy Secretary of state, who told her about “shortening”.

Hearings are held behind closed doors.

We will remind, scandal, called “Ukraineitar”, was the cause of the loss of a position Kurt Volker. Walker not only left the post of special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine, but also lost the position of head of the Institute of international leadership of John McCain at the University of Arizona.

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