Former US Ambassador to Ukraine has stated that he never discussed with Biden nor his son nor the gas company Burisma (PHOTO)

Ex-US Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch said that was never discussed with the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden, his son hunter, nor the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, a member of the Board of which he is. With this statement she made on Friday during testimony in the House of representatives of the United States Congress under the impeachment of the head of the White house of Donald trump. The text of her speech published by the newspaper The New York Times, reports TASS.

“I never personally met with hunter Biden and I never talked to him either directly or through third parties, – said Jovanovic. This, despite the fact that I met several times with ex-Vice President Biden over the years of our service in the government, neither he nor the previous administration never directly or indirectly did not raise with me the topic or Burisma hunter Biden”.

Jovanovic also said that her resignation this spring, was made personally by Donald trump. According to retired diplomat, in early March the state Department asked her to continue to lead the American Embassy in Kiev till 2020, however, in April she was ordered to return to Washington “next flight”.

“I met with Deputy Secretary of state, who told me about the reduction of the period of my service. He said that the President has lost confidence in me and doesn’t want I continued to work as Ambassador – said Jovanovic. – He added that against me, a campaign was initiated and that the President since the summer of 2018, has put pressure on the state Department to shift me.”