ForumDaily now speaks your language: let’s share experiences and advice

Immigration is a difficult period in life when many people are faced with loneliness and lack of information. Realizing this, ForumDaily strives to keep its readers, telling them stories of others who moved to the US and providing useful information that will help to establish life in America.

ForumDaily теперь говорит и на вашем языке: давайте делиться опытом и советами

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We want to make getting this information as comfortable as possible for all our readers, so in addition to the English version of the site that works we have a long time, we’ve added an automatic translation into the languages of post-Soviet countries:

  • Ukrainian;
  • Armenian;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Georgian;
  • Kazakh;
  • Kyrgyz;
  • Tajik;
  • Uzbek.

Now ForumDaily speak your language!

In addition, we also encourage our readers to take part in supporting immigrants in the United States. And the most valuable thing you can share is experience. Positive, negative, funny, sad, about moving, lifestyle, traveling, paying your bills, buy food, visas, citizenship, medicine… anything. Your stories can be an inspiration or a lifesaver for others, and you can just lift them up and to make me feel not so alone.

Send stories about their experiences or their short description and we will publish them or get in touch with you to prepare the text. Together, let us challenge difficulties in immigration!

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