Foul-smelling, the company suspended its activities (PHOTOS)

Дурно пахнущее предприятие приостановило свою деятельность  (ФОТО)

After several years of efforts by activists and nearby residents were suspended the license of a factory for processing of beef in Toronto, has acquired notoriety in connection with allegations of animal cruelty and “mind blowing” flavors.

The canadian food inspection Agency (CFIA) announced late last week that as of September 17, the company’s activities Ryding-Regency Meat Packers, located at 70 Glen Scarlett Rd., suspended “for failure to comply with the results of control actions”.

Currently under investigation in connection with food safety, but any statements about the recall until it was made.

“The suspension of the license will be cancelled if the CFIA determines that the had taken the necessary measures for elimination of defects, – is spoken in the message of Federal Agency. – If measures are not taken within 90 days after the suspension, the CFIA may cancel the license.”

This could be great news for residents of neighboring areas who hate the smell of slaughter, driven by the wind into their homes from the territory of the largest beef processor in Ontario.

This would also be a cause for celebration among the activists of animal rights, who called the feds to close Ryding-Regency for many years.

Slaughterhouse drew the attention of the public in connection with numerous statements about things happening in its territory, strange as it may sound, the atrocities against animals that periodically appear in the media, at least, 2017, and some critics have called it “the most violent place in Toronto”.

Almost 200,000 people have signed a petition demanding to close the company after a leaked shot on site factory videos about hanging by the hind legs and skinned alive cows.

“Having the sources of these videos, and communicating with employees of the slaughterhouse, we know that in Ryding-Regency each day there are a lot of violations.” – said the head of the organization Toronto Cow Save Crainic Anita (Anita Krajnc) in a press release, commenting on Monday’s news.

Local activists animal rights now require the Agency CFIA announced a specific reason for the suspension of the license of a slaughterhouse.

“What are they hiding?” asks Jenny McQueen of Toronto Pig Save in the aforementioned release.

“The public has a right to know if the risk of disease outbreaks in the city, or in the meat of cows can be caught metal particles, or on the territory of the slaughterhouse was the high content of mold and bacteria that can be transferred through airborne droplets”.