Found a link between eating onions and garlic, and breast cancer in women

The use of onion and garlic may protect a woman from developing breast cancer — it is the opinion of scientists from new York University in Buffalo. They found a relation between frequency of consumption of onions, garlic and a lower risk of this disease.

Найдена связь между употреблением лука с чесноком и раком груди у женщин

The research team from new York showed that women who are not less than two times a day had used onion and garlic over a long period, the probability of developing breast cancer was reduced by 67% compared to those women who did not complain of these vegetables.

It is noteworthy that women from Puerto Rico free of the island nation under the control of the United States, statistically less likely to suffer from breast cancer than other resident of this country. According to scientists, to explain this feature may passion cuisine of Puerto Rico to the onions and garlic.

Experts told the publication about their study in the scientific journal Nutrition and Cancer. In the article they also pointed to the fact that work on mice and humans have identified at least four substances of garlic — S-allylcysteine, diallyldisulfide and diallyl sulfide, as well as the trace element selenium, with antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral activity, as well as stop the growth of tumor cells.

In preliminary studies, onions and garlic were characterized by scholars as products that prevent stomach cancer and cancer of the prostate and intestines. colorectal cancer. With cancer of the breast the use of onions and garlic scientists have not yet been contacted.