Found a link between slow walking and early aging of the brain

People who walk slowly, have a reduced brain volume and lower density of the cerebral cortex, and its tendency to premature aging. It was able to identify scientists from the USA, about their work according to JAMA Network.

Выявлена связь между медленной ходьбой и ранним старением мозга

Researchers from Duke University in North Carolina said that the slow walking is associated with impaired brain function and early degradation, typically observed during aging. To such conclusion scientists came as a result of observation of a group of 900 people who became participants in the project even at age three. Experts monitored the changes in their health before the onset of the 45th anniversary.

In the result, it was revealed that slow walking is correlated with the state of the brain. So people who in middle age was characterized by slow walking, in my childhood showed signs of a low IQ, weak language skills and poor motor skills.
“People who walk slowly in middle age, smaller brain volume and the density of the cerebral cortex. They are characterized by the signs associated with the disease in small vessels. All this testifies to the early aging of the brain,” stated the scientists.

It is also noteworthy that at one stage of the study, they showed participants photos of other people, asking those to estimate the approximate age depicted in the photographs. It turned out that people with a slow gait look older than their peers who move at a fast pace.