Found a new way to overcome nicotine addiction

The use of the drug can make the effects of quitting less difficult.

Найден новый способ побороть никотиновую зависимость

An international group of scientists announced that the substance pioglitazone (Pioglitazonum), which is contained in drugs for diabetes mellitus type II, can help with the fight against nicotine addiction. The substance is able to reduce the craving for nicotine and remove the negative consequences of quitting.

Pioglitazone modulates the transcription of genes sensitive to insulin and participating in the control of glucose and lipid metabolism in adipose, muscle tissue and the liver. In addition, the researchers found that the substance targets a particular form of the receptor PPAR?, which are found in areas of the brain responsible for drug and nicotine addiction.

In the study, researchers conducted experiments on mice and monitored any changes in their behavior. The results showed that direct injection of pioglitazone in the hippocampus of rodents with nicotine addiction has helped to reduce the tremor of the paws, and the introduction of the drug in the amygdala of the mice was weaken signs of anxiety.

Scientists believe that activating the receptors of PPAR? can be effective for people who want to quit Smoking but are fearful of the consequences. At the same time, heavy smokers face increased risk of developing type II diabetes. Scientists claim that pioglitazone may help smokers with diabetes, to refuse addictions, to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and reduce insulin resistance.