Found an incredible way to beat baldness

Scientists from Wisconsin, USA presented the development, with the help of which you can forget about baldness.

Найден невероятный способ победить облысение

It was stated that this miracle the head device has been tried on the father of the head of the team. This kid’s dad went bald two years ago, but as soon as tal to wear a specially designed cap his hair resumed its growth.

According to scientists, those people who the scope got a long time ago a miracle invention will not help.

Innovative design in the form of a cap can only help those men whose hair loss has started recently. The scheme of such a cap: when worn it stimulates the sleeping follicles, but the new creates. The “Foundation” of the cap is a special patch made of flexible plastic. The patch during the movement of the body generates an electric charge. Cap completely from a special conductive fabric and tabefaction.

At this time the cap passes the test on volunteers.