Found the “button” in the brain, which turns alcohol dependence


Scientists have identified a group of neurons that plays a key role in addiction to alcohol. With the help of targeting this area they managed to suppress subjects the craving for alcohol.

Найдена «кнопка» в мозге, которая выключает алкогольную зависимость

In 2016, researchers from the Institute of Scrips (USA) managed to localize the “command center” from which comes the command to drink more often and to look for alcohol at every opportunity, the Central nucleus of the amygdala.

Now they have moved even further, by highlighting a specific group of neurons, when exposed to the dependency disabled.

To test their hypothesis, they artificially “infected” lab rats alcoholism and then with a laser temporarily blocked the necessary blood cells.

As a result, they managed to not only suppress the interest of rodents to alcohol, but also to prevent a withdrawal syndrome (characterized by trembling and a confused walk).

The difficulty is that such laser treatments not suitable as a practical treatment methods. This would to implant optical fibers in a living person’s head.

But the researchers promise to think about more convenient “switches” – e.g., drugs or devices magnetic stimulation of the brain.

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