Four persons became victims of the shooting at an illegal gambling club in new York (PHOTOS)

Four people were killed and at least three were injured in a shooting in a “social club” Aces Triple A in Brooklyn working without a license. As reported by CNN citing new York police Department, played in card gambling. At the time of the incident in the club were about 15 people, police seized two weapons.

The victims were between 32 to 49 years. Three victims were hospitalized with injuries that are not life-threatening. One man was wounded in the arm, another man and a woman in the leg. It is established that the club had made no less than 15 shots. Because of which the shooting occurred is not yet known. Arrests are not reported. According to sources, New York Post, interviewed two suspects.

The sign above the door to the club States that the premises will be rent for “food, fun and entertainment.” The police said that he had not received complaints about the operation of institutions, however, according to media reports, in 2008 the authorities of new York had received complaints that the premises on the ground floor converted into a nightclub, open seven days a week: until midnight on weekdays and until 4 am on weekends. One of the callers said that the place was used as a “men’s club”. It is noted that the school is less than three blocks from the police station.