Four police officers were killed in the attack in the building of the Paris Prefecture (PHOTO)

A man with a knife attacked police officers at the Paris police station. According to the BFMTV, the attacker managed to smuggle in the area of ceramic knife, not seen by the detector. He stabbed five people in the building of the Paris Prefecture of police, near Notre Dame Cathedral. According to him, four people were killed. Police also eliminated the attacker.

Paris Prefecture of police has ordered all police to quickly change the weapon to rifles and pistols are more destructive power, and change the armor to a more powerful. Currently the whole block cordoned off around the Prefecture, Prefecture evacuated, also closed the nearby metro station. Arrived at the scene, the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philip, the Minister of internal Affairs Christophe Castaner, Secretary of state, Laurent Nunez, the Prosecutor of Paris.

“The motives of the assailant is unknown, but it is possible that he attacked in the heat of passion,” – said the representative of the police Union, noting that the attack took place in the premises where access is prohibited. According to unconfirmed information, the attack occurred in the intelligence division of the Prefecture, where he worked as the assailant.

On the eve of the Paris police officers went on a “March of anger”, which was organized by the largest trade unions of police employees. The event was attended by over 20 thousand people: protest caused by difficult working conditions and the growing cases of suicides among police officers due to the overhead of “burnout”. The unions say the low morale of the police: from the beginning of the year have committed suicide already 52 officer.

French gendarmes are forced to work overtime because of the terrorist threat and the movement of the “yellow jackets.” The protesters claim that they have not paid for 23 million hours of overtime. According to the employees of trade unions, the police are constantly accused of brutality during dispersal of demonstrations, while violence happens and the police themselves.

The guards also complain of inadequate equipment to fight the growing level of crime and lenient sentences against criminals. In addition, the police are dissatisfied with pension reform, where the risk of losing benefits. The unions put forward five requirements: the improvement of working conditions, social measures to help all employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs, a severe punishment for those who attack police officers, the preservation of pension benefits and the adoption of a law to increase funding and staff of the police.