Four-time world champion of Formula 1 and Ferrari made the decision to leave at the end of the season

Четырехкратный чемпион мира Формулы-1 и Феррари приняли решение расстаться в конце сезона

Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari confirmed the separation with 4-fold champion of Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season 2020.

Vettel and Ferrari a few months negotiating on a contract extension, but the conditions, according to the German pilots were “offensive” to him, and they could not agree.

Today, the press service of the Ferrari issued an official statement.

“My relationship with Scuderia Ferrari ends at the end of 2020. To achieve maximum results in our sport it is important that the parties worked in perfect harmony. My team and I realized that we have a common desire to stay together after the end of this season,” said Vettel.

“Financial issues played no role in our joint decision. I don’t think about money when it comes to making certain decisions, and never will be. What is happening in the last few months has forced many of us to reflect on what our main priorities in life. In the new situation needs a new approach. I will find the time to reflect on how I see their future.

Scuderia Ferrari has a special place in Formula 1. I hope the team will achieve the success it deserves. I want to thank the whole Ferrari family and above all her fans worldwide for the support they have given me for many years.

My immediate goal is to complete a long job with Ferrari a few more beautiful sporting moments, adding them to what we already had,” said the German driver.

In turn, the team leader Mattia Binotto said it was a joint decision “Scuderia” and Vettel, both parties believe that it would be better.

“Given the value of Sebastian’s as a racer and person, a solution was not simple. But there is no one particular reason, apart from a General and friendly belief that it’s time to go separate ways to achieve our goals.

Sebastian has already entered the history of the “Scuderia”, 14 victories in the Grand Prix make it the third most successful rider in the history of the team. Over 5 years of working together he had three times finished the season in the top three, contributing to the constant presence of the team in the top three in the constructors ‘ championship.

On behalf of all the staff of Ferrari I want to thank Sebastian for the high professionalism and the human qualities that he showed in these 5 years we shared so many beautiful moments. We failed together to win the title, which would be his fifth, but we believe that we will be able to achieve much in this unusual season of 2020″, – has expressed hope of Binotto.

Recall that all of his 4 world champion titles in the Formula 1 Vettel won, speaking for Red bull.