Four UEFA Euro 2020: become known pair of teams in the playoffs of the League of Nations

Четыре путевки на Евро-2020: стали известны пары команд плей-офф Лиги наций

Friday, 22 November, at the headquarters of UEFA in Nyon held the draw for the pairs knockout stages of the League of Nations. According to the results of semifinal and final duels with the participation of 16 teams (26 and 31 March 2020) will be the owners of their last four trips to Euro 2020, which will make the company 20 teams to make it to Euro 2020 to the end of the qualifying tournament.

Recall that the semi-finals consist of one game (on the sidelines of teams that have a higher rating at the end of UEFA Euro 2020). The finals at the stadiums of the winners of the first pairs.

The Path And

Bulgaria — Hungary

Iceland — Romania

The Way In

Bosnia and Herzegovina — Northern Ireland

Slovakia — Ireland

Way With

Norway — Serbia

Scotland — Israel

Way D

Georgia — Belarus

Northern Macedonia — Kosovo

Also was held an additional draw, which determined that the Danish team all three matches in the group stage of Euro 2020 will take place at home. But the Russian team will play two games in St. Petersburg, and one (with the Danes) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As you know, the final of the European championship 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July at 12 stadiums 12 cities 12 national associations of UEFA. Participation in tournament will see 24 teams that will be divided into six groups of four teams. The draw on 30 November in Bucharest.



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