Fox News: ‘patient zero’ with COVID-19 contracted in the laboratory of Virology, Wuhan

Fox News sources say that the first infected got the virus 2019-nCoV is not on the meat market in Wuhan, as claimed by the Chinese authorities.

Fox News: 'нулевой пациент' с COVID-19 заразился в лаборатории вирусологии Уханя

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The news reporters on Fox News have reported that the spread of the deadly virus 2019-nCoV started from a virus lab in Wuhan. According to several sources, the virus was specifically created biological weapons, but was the PRC’s desire to prove to the States that her success in learning and to fight infection exceed the results of the United States. Sources reported that seen the information in classified files.

“It could be the biggest in the history of concealment of important information at the government level,” said one of the sources.

According to him, “patient zero” contracted the virus from a bat in the lab of Wuhan and spread it out on the streets of the city. At the same time, in secret documents that indicated the virus is of natural origin, and to Wuhan the laboratory, it is studied, not created. Experts around the world believe that China conceals real data on the early spread of the virus.

Asked to comment on this information, the President of the United States Donald trump said the following: “We increasingly hear this story … We carefully study this terrible situation.”

Initially, China said that the virus began to spread from the market in Wuhan, where they sell the meat of wild animals. But the newspaper’s sources believe that China was trying to divert public attention from the development laboratory. Moreover, according to secret documents, this market never sold bats. The documents also describe in detail the early efforts of the doctors in the lab to contain the spread of the virus, which, as we now see, was not successful.

In January 2018 the staff of the U.S. Embassy in China stated that in a lab of the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducts threat studies of the coronavirus and the experiments on bats, the Washington Post reported.

According to him, if the Chinese government had more open earlier, it would have helped to “beat” the virus, to understand its structure and faster to develop treatment and a vaccine.

Familiar with the secret report’s sources also noted that the structure of virus and genome mapping definitely show that it has not been genetically modified, and has a natural origin.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has accused China of what he belatedly informed the world community about the epidemic of coronavirus than put the whole world at risk.

“Now we know that the virus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. We know that just a few miles from the market is Wuhan Institute of Virology. Still have much to learn, and US authorities are working hard to figure out. We need to China, revealed information,” added gossekretar.

It refused to confirm or deny information to the American media that the virus could “escape” from a laboratory in Wuhan.

“This lab studied the strong viral content. We knew this, we knew that they were working on such a program, many countries have such programmes,” said Pompeo, having gone from a direct answer.

On 16 April the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China has rejected suspicions that the virus “escaped” from the lab, citing statements from the world health organization that no evidence for the artificial creation of coronavirus.

Initially, the Americans were preparing Chinese virologists program PREVENT, but it was long before in China have begun to work on this virus. The French government sponsored and helped the Chinese to set up a laboratory in Wuhan, the development of which now became interesting to the world.

China is “100 percent” withheld and altered data, the sources of Fox News. The samples were destroyed, contaminated sites cleaned up, some of the early messages had been erased, and academic articles destroyed.

Doctors and journalists who warned about the spread of the virus, its infectivity and risk of transmission from person to person, according to sources, “disappeared”. In addition, sources report that the world health organization (who) from the very beginning was involved in the concealment of information about the growing pandemic.

April 14 briefing on the coronavirus in the White house, trump said that the United States immediately cease funding of the who, stating that she had put “political correctness more important than saving lives.” The United States is the largest sponsor of the who. Earlier, the State Department planned to provide the Agency 893 million dollars during the current two-year funding period.

Six days after high-ranking Chinese officials realize that they are probably faced with a pandemic from a new coronavirus, in Wuhan city at the epicenter of the disease, were arranged in a massive Banquet for tens of thousands of people, and millions of Chinese went to visit relatives for the lunar New year celebration.

President XI Jinping has notified the public about the situation only on the seventh day after the beginning of the epidemic, January 20. But by that time already more than 3 000 people in China were infected and started to deliver the virus around the world.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On 14 April President of the United States Donald trump decided to suspend the payment of the us contributions to the budget of the world health organization (who) due to the fact that she was, in his opinion, has not coped with the pandemic coronavirus.
  • April 15 edition of the Associated Press, citing government documents in China at the disposal of its journalists, said that China nearly a week was deliberately concealed information about the beginning of the mass spread of the new virus.
  • 17 April, the authorities of Wuhan, which began with the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, said that from Covid-19 in the city, died at 1 290 people more than previously reported; thus, the number of deaths there rose from 2 to 3 869 579, increasing the total number of deaths from the coronavirus in China, to 4.6 thousand. Officials in China claim that there is no intentional withholding of data was not. According to them, doctors continue to report on what happened in Wuhan in January-February and continually updated information. In addition, it was finally estimated the number of deaths outside of hospitals.

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