Fox News: trump upset about bad ratings and can be removed from the election if its performance does not improve

The President of the United States Donald trump is in the “unstable” mood, and can withdraw from the presidential race of 2020, if its rating does not improve. This is with reference to insider information Fox News writes MSN.

Fox News: Трамп расстроен из-за плохих рейтингов и может сняться с выборов, если его показатели не улучшатся

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Donald trump may leave the presidential race of 2020, if it considers that he has no chance to win, and you will see that the rating continues to fall, reported on Fox News, an unnamed member of the Republican party.

The statement referred to a number of insiders of the Republican party, who are concerned about reducing the chance of trump’s re-election on the background of survey results.

Joe Biden, the presumptive candidate of the Democratic party, currently holds the lead at nine percentage points, according to the tracker polls RealClearPolitics 2020.

It is important to note that trump had lost support from white voters older — as a rule, they form the basis of the electorate of the Republican party, this group was crucial to victory in 2016. Trump also behind the former Vice President almost all of the States that oscillate.

“It’s too early, but if the polls continue to deteriorate, we may see a scenario where he gets out of the race,” said one of the anonymous representatives of the Republican party.

Charles Gasparino, the author of the report, Fox News, in a series of tweets said he talked with “major players” in the Republican party on this subject. One of them described Mr. trump as “fragile” because his chances for a second term look increasingly uncertain.

Another source of the Republican party quoted in the report said the probability that the trump out of the race: “I heard the conversation, but I doubt that’s true. I bet he will, if he believes it is impossible to win. Mr trump has repeatedly attacked the polls that show him far behind Biden. Last month, he wrote on Twitter that Fox News “needs to fire their fake survey. Never had a good poll from Fox”.

The President also wrote: “I have a really good internal data about the vote. As in 2016, polls nytimes is fake polls FoxNews is a joke. Think they need to apologize to me and their subscribers, when I won again? People want law, order and security”.

But the surveys of all organisations involved, indicate that trump has consistently lags behind Biden. In particular, voters have repeatedly expressed disapproval of how the President responded to the pandemic and mass protests calling for racial justice after the murder of George Floyd police.

A recent poll conducted by Washington Post-Ipsos, showed that 36% of American adults approve of trump’s reaction to the protests, while 62% do not approve. The New York Times poll showed similar figures.

The same survey conducted by the New York Times-Siena College, found that 58% of Americans disapprove of his reaction to the outbreak of coronavirus, while only 38% approve — the worst rating since the crisis began.

Campaign trump called reports that the President will think about how to cast the race as “grandpa fake news”.

“We all know that polls in the media has always been wrong in the President trump — they do not take potential voters — in order to obtain false information, — said the representative of the campaign trump Tim Morto. — It won’t work. In 2016, was the same, and if polls are accurate, Hillary Clinton was in the White house right now.”


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