France faces a shortage of gasoline

French unions have blocked several oil refineries to create an artificial shortage of fuel at gas stations. The protesters took this decision after the public transport strike forced the government to withdraw its plans for pension reform.

Франции грозит дефицит бензина

According to Reuters, blocked oil refineries Exxon Mobil France. The Ministry of environmental protection said that all French refineries continue to operate, but in five of the seven temporary difficulties – protesters blocked the departure of them.

Now shortage of fuel 24 French gas stations, but the unions have promised to continue the freezing until at least Friday, January 10. However, the Prime Minister of France édouard Philippe stated that the country is not facing a fuel shortage, and the police will ensure free access to the tank farms.

“People have the right to strike, but they have no right to block the [oil refineries]”, he said and added that he was open to discussing changes in the average age of retirement.