France in two hours won two biathlon relay at the world Cup

Франция в течение двух часов выиграла две биатлонные эстафеты на Кубке мира

Artem Tishchenko

In Slovenian Pokljuka hosted the two relay race of the sixth stage of the biathlon world Cup: the single-mixed and classical mixed relay.

In both disciplines the victory was won by the French team.

In the single mixed relay (2×6 km + 2×7.5 km) team France was represented by Emilien Jacklin and anais Bescond.

Sensational second place went to the team of Estonian (Rene Sagna and Regina Oja).

Rounded out the podium team Austria (Simon Eder, Lisa Theresa Hauser).

The national team of Ukraine in the part of Anastasia Merkushina and captain of the men’s team Dmitry Pidruchna took fifth place.

Race results:

  1. France (0+5) 38:33,4
  2. Estonia (0+3) +5,9
  3. Austria (0+6) +12,1
  4. Canada (0+6) +16,0
  5. UKRAINE (1+4) +28,8
  6. Switzerland (0+7) +40,7

After 2 hours the French again triumphale: Quentin Fillon maillet, Simon Dete, Justine Breza and Julia Simon’s first completed mixed relay (2×6 + 2×7.5 km).

The Norwegians, consisting of brothers BAA Synneve Solemdal and Ingrid landmark Tandrevold was at the finish second.

“Bronze” – German Quartet (Philip Horne, Johannes Kuhn, Ioannina Hettich and Vanessa Hinz).

The honor of our country defended Brendan, the Brendan, Julia Jim and Olena Pidhrushna.

In the end, our team finished only 10th place.

Race results:

  1. France (0+8) 1:17:53,3
  2. Norway (0+4) +40,6
  3. Germany (0+5) +1:01,4
  4. Russia (0+7) +1:24,8
  5. Sweden (0+6) +1:34,1
  6. Czech Republic (1+5) +1:49,8

  • 10. Ukraine (0+9) +3:30,8