François Legault: the submissive rebel!

François Legault: the submissive rebel!


As many think, François Legault is above all a man of power. He was quick to demonstrate this from his beginnings in the Parti Québécois, when he wanted to embark on the race to succeed Lucien Bouchard.

Sovereignist in a hurry yesterday, nationalist federalist today, who knows what he will be tomorrow. Like the chameleon, he will blend into the ambient color with the army of communicators surrounding him.

Despite his government's few achievements and poor management of the pandemic in Quebec, he retains a popularity never seen.

It's the sign of a well-conducted marketing campaign that makes the power-hungry salivate.

If the adage claims that the rats leave the ship when it sinks, it will be necessary to create another one where one will affirm that the rats invade the boat which floats above waters.

Eliminate real competition

Between fake and authentic, the distinction is not obvious. 

Premier Legault chants his nationalist pride without we would get anything out of it in Ottawa until now.

Quietly, he wraps us in the Canadian screed that is gradually turning into a straitjacket to make us accept multiculturalism à la Trudeau Sr. and sons.

Its only real opponent on the nationalist field is the PQ, especially knowing that it is the second choice of the greatest number of voters.

It is not the liberals nor the conservatives bent before Anglophones who can credibly challenge the CAQ in matters of national affirmation.

As for Québec solidaire (QS), a party inherited from the left-wing groups of the 1970s, its ancestors voted no in the 1980 referendum, arguing that the exploitation of people was not consistent in Canada, but in global capitalism.

QS is discreet about its past; however, there are resurgences from time to time. His position on Bills 21 and 96 illustrates this well.

It is no coincidence that Mr. Legault wants to get rid of the PQ, because when his nationalist mirage fades, he does not want of an adversary who would supplant him in this chapter.

He seems to want to reign as long as Bill Davis and Ralph Klein.

Betting on the truth

Why would the nationalists and even more the sovereignists make the PQ their second choice in the next general election, suddenly bringing the CAQ back to power and going nowhere?

Time is running out for the Quebec nation to ensure its existence other than in a folkloric state.

Beyond the CAQ appearances, PQ nationalism is more convincing.&nbsp ;

As a bonus, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is more concerned about the fate of all Quebecers, while Premier Legault is very concerned about his friends in the business community.

It would be wiser to avoid detours and turn your second choice into your first choice, if we want a Quebec free from its development, French and secular.

François Legault: the submissive rebel!