Francophonie: a demonstration of charm

Francophonie: a demonstration of charm


Thousands of people were delighted to attend the SuperFrancoFête show at the Agora in the Old Port of Québec on August 31, an event under the leadership of “Trois Musketeers”: Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Isabelle Viviers, Jean-François Blais, and their “d’Artagnan”, Clément Duhaime, assisted by the entire team of SISMYK, the musical division of ComediHa! I was there.

This exceptional one-night show will have brought together some thirty artists from different French-speaking countries, under the musical direction of the excellent Scott Price, on the same stage and in front of an audience of 5,000 spectators randomly selected from over 50,000 registrations.

For lack of space, the less fortunate were invited to attend the event in front of a giant outdoor screen, at the Place des Canotiers.

By the very admission of the “Musketeers”, this artistic, musical and ephemeral high mass was intended as a nod to the SuperFrancoFête of 1974, an event which unfolded over ten days, leaving a memory indelible in the memory of his contemporaries.

In his article relating to the evening of August 31, 2022 entitled SuperFrancoFête: an exciting tour of the Francophonie in 40 songs, journalist Cédric Bélanger brilliantly reported the essence of the event, which could also make a lasting impression if it became recurrent. 

Language strengthens ties

Beyond the musical and poetic performances, behind the scenes as well as on stage, this event will also have made it possible to create or strengthen links between artists from the four corners of the international Francophonie.

From its various and many accents reverberated through the words and songs in the common language, their speaking radiated the stage, as well as the receptive and transported audience.

A public which, under the circumstances, will have demonstrated that it is more open, and inspired more by artistic than political “discourse” in terms of promoting the French language. I know both worlds and I speak with an open heart…

Winning hearts

Through the arts, the French language wins when you uses it to positively touch the spirits…

In addition to striking the intellect, the arts, in all their variations, and particularly song, touch the hearts intimately and intensely.

And when, in this case, the song is served in all its French-language variants, and, what's more, in the context of an event of the scale of the SuperFrancoFête, ideally recurring on an annual basis, it is more impactful than any political speech in terms of promoting the common language.

Thus, theatre, dance, humor and cinema, declined in the diversity of French-speaking imaginaries, should be inspired by the model of convergence that the SuperFrancoFête offers us for an optimal influence of the French language.

Measurement taken of the galvanizing effect of the SuperFrancoFête 2022 on the public at the Agora of the Old Port of Quebec in the evening on August 31, I'm sure I anticipate a feverish reception when it is broadcast over the next few months on TVA, TV5 Monde and TV5 Québec-Canada, in more than 200 countries.&nbsp ;

Francophonie: a demonstration of charm