Free appetizer, obtained during the flight, the woman was worth €400

Бесплатная закуска, полученная во время перелета, стоила женщине €400

The bag of snacks that Delta Airlines passenger got on the plane cost her a fine of €400

Crystal Tadlock who completed an 8-hour transatlantic flight from Paris to Minneapolis, had a connecting flight that will fly her to your destination — Denver.

The woman decided not to have obtained in-flight snacks, and leave the contents of the sachet for later. But with the passage of the American customs it was waited by an unpleasant surprise. The customs officer regarded the Apple pieces were in a plastic bag with the symbol of the airline, smuggling.

The girl failed to convince the employee to the contrary, as a result, she was fined €400.

Later, she appealed to the Airways, on a flight which earned them the ill-fated Apple. But the representative of the airlines refused her support, saying:

“The rules for import food in the United States is clearly spelled out”.

And a bag of snacks had to be eaten on Board. The girl has already issued a complaint against an unfair fine and the customs officer, but the chances of the abolition of the penalty may seem small.