Free now: boyfriend Sedokova divorced his wife

Теперь свободен: бойфренд Седоковой развелся с женой

The boyfriend singer Anna Sedokova basketball player Janis timma, who no longer hides relationship with the star, officially became a free man. He divorced with his wife Sana and settled the question of the education of his son.

Writes, the former spouses were able to leave peacefully and have no claims to each other.

36-year-old Anna, a 27 year old Janis was not shy to show feelings in public, holding hands and kissing. They also recognized each other in love in the net, leaving touching messages.

Теперь свободен: бойфренд Седоковой развелся с женой

“We have built with you our world, our world
How do we each other with you found?
Trust me native and went
After all, this world makes us sick
Without you dear I don’t I
You are my delusions, you’re the anomaly
You wanna fly to heaven
I’ll build himself on the white sails
And I don’t need a lot of words, but I again I
You just be with me and all of oía, oía all
For without you, I’m not native I, native I’m not native I am not I”
— recently wrote to Janis.

Now the basketball national team of Latvia, who plays for the team Khimki, recovering from injury and preparing for the games, and Anna flew to Los Angeles to daughter Monica that her father, Maxim Cherniavsky is not allowed to export to Russia.

We will remind, earlier ex-wife Janis provoked a scandal in the network and called Anna the other woman. From experience the singer was in the hospital with nervous stress and hives.

Then Anna and Janis ceased to hide the relations. They are happy together and intend to build a strong family. They recently appeared together at a social event, held hands and never left each other.

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