Free products for $175: fraudsters send messages on behalf of Target

If you receive a message that will receive free products from Target because of the pandemic coronavirus, do not click on the link — it’s a Scam. About this and not just read on Kiro7.

Бесплатные продукты на $175: мошенники присылают сообщения от имени Target

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The message States that you are eligible for free products worth $175, but clicking the link installs a virus or malware. Programs often go unnoticed and transmit the crooks of your passwords, credit card numbers and banking information.

At Target there is a list of tips for safe shopping. The list is focused on the holidays, but it can check in any time of the year.

If you receive a suspicious message, please report fraud to the Federal trade Commission.

If the message is associated with COVID-19, click here.

Follow the error messages. Do not click any links. Move the mouse pointer on the hyperlink and verify that the URL is complete and you know where you will be directed.

Target is not the only company name that is used as a fraud.

Kroger was the victim of virus post in Facebook where they promised 1-hour marathon shopping. The company said that any posts from “” without a blue check mark are not legal. The company also asked the public to report the scams here.