Free training, grants and grants, as Democrats promise to change the system of higher education in the United States

Many Americans consider a College education a necessity if they want a career that allows you to buy a house, support a family and purchase other attributes of what is called the American dream. But higher education is not cheap, reminds USA Today.

Бесплатное обучение, субсидии и гранты: как демократы обещают изменить систему высшего образования в США

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According to research organization the Urban Institute, for students attending a state College with four-year colleges in the home state, the tuition fee currently amounts to an average of 10 $ 440.

Several presidential candidates propose the idea of free education for many Americans.

The Offer Of Joe Biden

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden says that in the event of his coming to power, the students will be able to attend public colleges for up to two years without tuition. Expenses will cover the partnership between the Federal government and the States.

Biden also promises to double the maximum amount of Pell grants, which this year is 6 $ 195. This project helps students with low incomes to pay College tuition, and Biden will expand this assistance to a larger number of students from the middle class.

Offers Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bloomberg

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota offers a similar plan. Community College and technical certification will be free and paid for by the Federal funds in the amount of 3 dollars for every 1 dollar paid by the state for students attending school at least part-time in his home state.

Klobuchar also proposes to ease the path to higher education for older students and facilitate retraining for a new career those who are already working. It supported the adoption of the law allowing these groups to use savings plans “529”, as well as Coverdell educational accounts that allow you to make tax-free contributions to the College and, in some cases, plan K-12 to cover the cost.

Like Biden, Klobuchar promises to double the maximum Pell grant to $ 12,000 per year. Families with annual income up to $ 100,000 per year will be eligible for such assistance.

According to former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, if he comes to power, no student will have to pay for attending a two-year state College. Students in the lowest income also have free access to four-year educational institutions, and these colleges will be “very affordable for middle-class families,” — said on its website.

Sanders and Warren promise four years of free tuition

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts went further, promising to make four-year tuition to a state College for free to all.

Sanders is going to cover the expenses small taxes or levies from the traders on wall street, Warren will use the tax on the richest Americans to Finance their deals.

Buttidzhich offers 80% of the families help in training

Meanwhile, Pete Buttidzhich, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, says that pupils in 80% of families will not have to pay for a four-year training in the colleges.

“This percentage will include families earning up to $ 100,000, and many families with middle income who have several children,” — said on its website. Families with annual income up to $ 150,000 can receive “substantial” subsidies for training. Buttidzhich also would increase the maximum Pell grant to $ 1,000.

“There is no doubt that if you give a middle-class family $ 40 000 for training, which they do not have to pay, they will be happy, says sandy Baum, senior researcher, Center for education data and policy at the Urban Institute. — How else? This would be of great importance to them.”

But students or their families still will have to take out loans to pay for living expenses. And higher taxes can reduce the opportunity to save money.

“All this sounds like a miracle will happen and you will never have to worry about how to pay for College, says Baum. — If it was so simple…”




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