Freedom Jazz shared his creative plans

The Freedom of Jazzwhich acts in the genre jazz cabaret, was one step from participation in the international song contest Eurovision-2019. In the national selection girls took second place and that they offered to provide Ukraine instead MARUV, which as a result of the scandal refused to sign the contract NOTE. Then the participants Freedom Jazz did not accept this proposal, but their fans still hope that the artist will go to the national selection again and win.

Freedom Jazz поделились своими творческими планами

If they were going to participate in the national selection for Eurovision 2020 contestants Freedom Jazz said during a web conference on

“We think we’re not going anywhere – this experience was enough. Need to find something else interesting test. We want to the competition in Europe, by the way, we were invited to the talent show in Italy and soon we fly”-

told artist.

Remembering the nation selection-2019, participants in the Freedom Jazz say that nothing would have changed and was pleased with the result:

“Nothing would have changed. It was just an unforgettable experience and it was with joy and happiness for us, because we did not expect such a result and such a response from viewers. All as it happened – and good. It was to have some kind of moment of truth, when all the stars aligned, everything came together so that we got such crazy results. We are all grateful!”

See the full video webcast from Jazz at Freedom