Freeland will meet with Premier of Saskatchewan in Regina (PHOTO)

Фриланд встретится с премьером Саскачевана в Реджайне  (ФОТО)

Press Secretary of Deputy Prime Minister confirmed to Global News on Tuesday that Chrystia Freeland will meet with Premier of Saskatchewan.

In a statement, the office of the Prime Minister Scott MoE said: “the Prime Minister has developed a positive working relationship with the Minister of Freeland, and he looked forward to discussing the issues facing our province.”

At the previous meeting with the head of the Federal government, Scott Mo said Justin Trudeau, I was tired of hearing “the same”, and asked Trudeau to repeal the carbon tax, the promise to revise the equalization of dividends and increase the efficiency of the output of Saskatchewan to the market.

After this meeting, which Mo called “unfortunate”, he said he wants to expand the autonomy of the province.

Trudeau, in turn, tweeted that he “is open for cooperation in the fight against climate change, creating jobs and increasing the availability of life for the residents of Saskatchewan and Canada”.

Meeting with Freeland will be held in less than a week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed her to the post of Vice-Premier and Minister of intergovernmental Affairs. Trudeau had previously stated that Freeland, a native of Alberta, will address the question of separation of the Western provinces.

The liberals won just four seats in Manitoba and none in Saskatchewan or Alberta, in connection with which the government was making efforts in order to cope with the discontent of the Western territories.

As a messenger of the Prairies in Ottawa will perform the former Cabinet Minister and member of Parliament Winnipeg Jim Carr.

Probably on communicating Freeland and Mo will have an impact and how recently a meeting was held Trudeau, Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, who had publicly expressed disagreement with the Federal government on a number of issues, including on the carbon tax.