French language: Francophone immigration to “repair the demographic weight”

French language: Francophone immigration to “repair the weight


Francophone immigration is an “essential tool” to “repair the demographic weight” of the French-speaking minority in Canada, the federal Minister of Official Languages ​​said Thursday. 

“If we want to repair our demographic weight in this country, we must ensure that we have an immigration policy, a Francophone immigration strategy to address [sic] this demographic loss,” said Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

The Minister was referring to the figures from the 2021 Census published last week by Statistics Canada, which show a marked deterioration for the French language across the country.

We learned there notably that between 2016 and 2021, the number of Canadians whose first official language spoken is French rose from 22.2% to 21.4%, compared to 27.2% in 1971.

Ms. Petitpas Taylor acknowledges that the figures are “worrying” and therefore suggests that collaboration between her ministry and that of Immigration should address the issue of Francophone immigration, “an absolute priority” in her eyes.

Recall that the Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, admitted earlier this year that “systemic” problems remained in the federal apparatus given the very low proportion of visas granted to African nationals, while the latter are perceived as being more Francotropic, that is to say more inclined to adopt French as the language of use.

Minister Petitpas Taylor took part in the closing event of the cross-Canada consultations on Thursday on official languages, which have been held across the country in recent months.

She announced an envelope of $12.6 million over three years to provide nearly 2,000 jobs and internships in both official languages ​​at games nes as part of Young Canada Works.