French police have already collected more than a ton of cocaine washed up by the sea on the coast (PHOTOS)

Французская полиция собрала уже более тонны кокаина, выброшенного морем на побережье (ФОТО)

French police found more than a ton of cocaine in the South-Western coast of the country. The packages were washed up on the shore, reports TASS.

According to the Prosecutor of the Department of the Gironde, “the geography of the detection packs is expanding.” In connection with prospecting a number of beaches southwest coast is closed to visitors. Drugs swept along the coast from Nantes to the resort of Biarritz (about 500 km from North to South).

The police considers, that, most likely, the drug was on Board the yacht, which sank following a course with the Antillean Islands or from continental Latin America. To search for the shipwreck joined law enforcement officers from other European countries and also the USA, writes The Local.

On some packages with the drug were found in the area of Arcachon, inscribed with “Diamante” or “Brillante”. Packets with the same label and cocaine inside were washed ashore the U.S. state of Florida in September after the storm “Dorian”.

The population of the coastal areas of France warned about criminal liability for attempts to usurp these drugs. Also, people are warned that packages contain cocaine high concentration (83%) extremely dangerous to humans. Its value on the black market is millions of euros, and some of the inhabitants of France a race with the police are “hunting for treasure” from the sea.

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that police have detained a 17-year-old boy, which is on the beach for surfers in Lacanau picked out by the sea packages with 5 kg of cocaine. He could face a penalty of imprisonment for 10 years. It is established that the teenager has arrived to the closed zone of the coast of Toulouse, located three hours away.

For a site inspection from the air a helicopter was used. Police will also stop to inspect cars and passers-by.

The Local notes that in 2017 the police seized in the European countries of the record 140 tons of cocaine. In General, these drugs have been seized in Belgium and Spain, which for long time is a major transit point for drug traffickers shipping drugs to Europe. And over the last 10 years, the quality of the drug (concentration of drugs) has improved significantly.