French service controversy: a successful reopening for the Bab Sang

French service controversy: A successful reopening for the Bab Blood


With a menu translated into French and an employee with the same last name as the mayor of Quebec, the Korean restaurant Bab Sang reopened its doors on Wednesday evening to the delight of its many customers.

“I found four hours in my schedule and I am happy to help them. They are adorable,” said Béatrice Marchand, a student at the École du Barreau du Québec who is not related to Bruno Marchand. 

The young woman was busy on Wednesday through customer reception, take-out orders, telephone reservations and invoicing to be completed. At the end of the line, the calls were a little longer because of the messages of encouragement.  

Without being totally crowded, the dining room was very busy. Already, the smiling staff has learned a few customary formulas such as “bon appétit”.

Le Journal was able to taste an excellent “Bul-go-gi BBQ”, or slices of beef grilled and marinated in Korean style. 

A pride to develop

Caught up in a politico-linguistic saga, the restaurant of Maguire Avenue in Sillery has been in the news since October 12 because it was almost impossible to get service in French there.

Without making a formal apology, Bruno Marchand admitted that he should have shown more “benevolence” in this matter.  

The mayor had previously said that the shortage of labor in he work should not be a “pretext” for not serving customers in French. Mr. Marchand agreed that he “definitely” could have expressed himself differently.

“There is indeed a lack of benevolence towards our merchants who take the initiative to come and settle. Already opening a business for a French-speaking Quebecer is a lot of effort. So, someone who decides to uproot themselves, it takes a bit of community benevolence.