Frequent viewing of movies can cause premature aging

And all because when we watch horror movies or thrillers, then purse the forehead. This causes the formation of age wrinkles.

Частый просмотр фильмов может вызвать преждевременное старение

Going to the cinema — an affordable pleasure for many millions of people from around the world. And very few people come to mind that this habit can cause premature aging. Experts believe that this is due to the characteristic facial expression of our face when we look at certain movies with intense plot like thrillers or horror films. However, even good comedies that cause laughter, too, make a face to distort in specific grimaces, and all this ends with the formation of premature wrinkles. Only a completely boring movie that does not evoke any emotions on her face, safe for our appearance, as shown by a study involving 2,000 people.

The authors of this study found that the average horror movie leads to a distortion of the face 20 times during the viewing. A good Thriller provoked 50 distortion, but quality Comedy were forced to change the facial features of the audience, on average, 115 times. All this is enough to face, over time, deep wrinkles.

The researchers analyzed the results and came to the conclusion that Comedy is the greatest danger, because it is 40% increases the probability of formation of characteristic wrinkles around your lips and eyes, from which so much suffering some middle-aged women. If people prefer to watch horror movies and thrillers, then this leads to the formation of forehead wrinkles, the probability of the emergence of early childhood by 50%. Naturally, the facial expressions of the person changes involuntarily, and somehow to control the process, the audience just can’t. Only if they don’t look absolutely boring movie, which is not able to cause them any feelings.