Friday’s Lotto Max was drawn jackpot to $ 65 million (PHOTOS)

В пятницу в Lotto Max был разыгран джек-пот на 65 миллионов долларов (ФОТО)

The people of the plains who bought tickets Lotto Max should be closer to check them, because among them there are the lucky winner who won $ 65 million.

Friday night on one of the tickets, which, as described later, was sold somewhere in the Prairies, out of a huge jackpot.

The specific location where someone was lucky enough to buy a ticket, was not called.

Also had eight Maxmillion prizes of 1 million dollars each, but only one of them has been claimed. In this case, the lucky one of the citizens of Ontario.

The jackpot next Lotto Max October 8, will be approximately $ 17 million.