Friends Jennifer aniston trying to find her boyfriend

Surrounding can’t believe that the actress is enjoying her loneliness.

Друзья Дженнифер Энистон пытаются найти ей бойфренда

A year and a half ago, the star of the cult TV series “Friends” was divorced from her second husband, actor Justin Theroux. Jennifer met the suitor in the film “wanderlust” in 2011 and in 2015 she married him. Theroux to aniston for five years was in a relationship with Brad pitt and also divorced.

Recently, 50-year-old actress gave an interview on radio Sirius XM Radio and said that new relationships do not interest her. Jennifer explained that a romantic interest is always time-consuming, and she wants to focus on career. By the way, now aniston really is something to do — the actress starred in the Comedy-drama series “Morning show”, the premiere of which is scheduled for November 1 this year.

I’m very busy, preparing for the new season

— said the star.

However, family and friends Jennifer, her solitude didn’t seem normal. As told by actress friends try to find her boyfriend and try to introduce his stellar girlfriend with new men. Aniston noted that she didn’t like this invasion of privacy and its annoying, when trying someone to drive.

Informed of its intention not to continue to marry said Angelina Jolie. I wonder what she and aniston are not only colleagues, but also colleagues in misfortune — they have both been wives of the main Hollywood hunk Brad pitt and the two went through a divorce with the actor.