Friends Jennifer aniston zatrollit it after the thanks for 20 million followers on Instagram

Jennifer aniston continues to break records. Now the number of subscribers of the actress on Instagram has reached 20 million, and the star of the show “Friends” has decided to thank their fans. In response, aniston got pretty funny comments from your friends.

Друзья Дженнифер Энистон затроллили ее после благодарностей за 20 млн подписчиков в Instagram

On Tuesday evening, the actress spent time with his friends in California. Around the same time the number of subscribers, Jennifer has exceeded 20 million, and such a result the actress has managed to achieve in just a month. Aniston has published a short excerpt from a video in which the actress wipes her tears. She expressed sincere gratitude to his audience.

20 million subscribers?! Thank you so much! Thanks guys

— wrote the actress.

Friends Jennifer decided not to leave without attention the news.

What? You’ve only been here a couple of weeks. I’m working on my Instagram already 4 years!

— joked in the comments Erin foster. David spade added ironically that will soon catch up with the actress, although he has only two million followers. Rita Wilson congratulated aniston “with the fastest rise in history,” and stylist actress Jamie Mirazi, however, decided to clarify why she went to this for so long.

Fans of Jennifer were not jokes a lot, and just glad for it. They noted that so popular aniston enjoys not just. According to subscribers, the main reason is its beauty and sense of humor. Apparently, the actress still managed to find the secret of attracting the audience in Instagram.