Friends of George Clooney fear for the fate of his marriage

Many of the friends of George and Amal Clooney are concerned about how the relationship of spouses lately. This was one of George’s friends told the publication Globe.

Друзья Джорджа Клуни опасаются за судьбу его брака

As told to a friend of the actor, 58-year-old George and Amal are already more than one and a half months of living on different continents. She teaches at Columbia University in new York. And he is currently filming in Britain in the drama “Good morning, midnight!”, where Clooney is not only starring, but also is the Director. In other words, George is busy working almost 20 hours a day. Moreover, early in the morning — before his departure to the set is the only time when he could converse with his wife via Skype. Alas, at this time in new York city for the night, and Amal, weary from a day of working and parenting eight month old twins Ella and Alexander simply falls down from exhaustion and goes to bed… And what their communication is permanently reduced to almost zero, already reflected their relations. And if you take into consideration that the problems in the marriage of George and Amal, apparently began even before his departure, the prospects for the family life of the actor do not look too rosy.

The first time that the family of Cluny is obviously something not too good talking in the beginning of October. Then the couple celebrated the fifth anniversary of their wedding at a trendy new York restaurant 4 Charles Prime Rib, inviting his friends Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber. However, the anniversary was not as expected: the couple had a fight and Amal left the restaurant in tears. And later in the overseas media have reported that the quarrel of George and Amal’s happened due to the fact that she found out about husband’s affair with the actress brie Larson.